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Double M.Sc. Degree in Statistics & Statistical Science for Decisions

2 Years - 2 Degrees 

M.Sc. in Statistics from AUEB

M.Sc. in Statistical Science for Decisions (Scienze Statistiche per le Decisioni) from the University of Naples

Wavy Abstract Background

A New Integrated Postgraduate Program 

2 Years, 2 M.Sc. Degrees
One Joint Thesis


The Department of Statistics of AUEB has successfully established another Double Degree Program, this time in collaboration with the University of Naples (Italy).



This bilateral agreement allows all participating students to earn two postgraduate M.Sc. Degrees at the end of their study period: one in Statistics, from AUEB and another in Statistical Science for Decisions, from the University of Naples.



All students enrolled in the M.Sc. in Statistics program at AUEB are eligible to apply for the Double Degree. However, please note that availability is limited to 3 positions per year. Interested students are encouraged to apply at the beginning of the course.



For AUEB students enrolled in the M.Sc. in Statistics program, no additional fees will be required at the University of Naples.



Funding for this program may be available through the ERASMUS+ program."

Program overview

Prof. Vasilios Papadakis
AUEB Vice Rector of International Relations 

Τhis agreement is the starting point for a new era where AUEB’s strategic goal is to strengthen its international presence and recognition, and the fundamental internationalization of study programs through strategic partnerships with internationally renowned Universities from abroad


Prof. Ioannis Ntzoufras
Head of the Department of Statistics at AUEB

This pioneering agreement paves the way for additional collaborations and the internationalization of the Department of Statistics at AUEB, while at the same time confirming the high quality of teaching and research of the Department of Statistics at AUEB ” 


Prof. Maria Iannario


See the full Double Degree Agreement here



Watch the video of the TEAMS meeting with our 2024-25 DD Program Students


for AUEB students

Find the detailed syllabus of the DD program for the Students of AUEB

for THE students of the University of nAPLes

Find the detailed syllabus of the DD program for the Students of the University of Naples

Study Program

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Apply now for the DD M.Sc. in Statistics and Statistical Science for Decisions at AUEB and the University of Naples, for the academic year 2024-25.

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