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SAS Academic Specialization:
“Statistics & Data Science”


Integrated SAS skills certification. 

Meet the job market's expectations to the fullest!

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Academic Specialization in SAS 

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EMOS Program overview

The SAS Academic Specialization “Statistics and Data Science” can be attained by students enrolled in the full-time MSc in Statistics program of the Department of Statistics of the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB). The goal of the SAS Academic Specialization is to complement the Statistics and Data Science knowledge that is offered in the MSc in Statistics program with relevant SAS skills that the job market expects from the Department’s graduates. Students who successfully complete the requirements of the specialization receive a SAS Academic Specialization badge with a SAS/AUEB co-branded logo.

The “Statistics and Data Science Using SAS” Academic Specialization is comprised of three courses, taught throughout three semesters, as described below (students must successfully complete all three courses to receive the Academic Specialization):




The SAS labs expose students to SAS skills related to the material taught in the MSc in Statistics courses, namely:

  1. Data Analytics and Programming  

  2. Regression Techniques and Time Series Analysis

  3. Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics

More information on the SAS Academic Specialization program can be found here.

Start Date:               6/12/2022 Time: 12.00 - 15.00
Second Session:  13/12/2022  Time: 12.00 - 15.00


Stefanos Kechagias
SAS Education & Academic Programs Manager, SE Europe

Statistics and Data Science are foundation

fields of SAS, and vital pillars in the

ongoing digital transformations across

the globe. Our partnership with the

Department of Statistics, AUEB, an

international, top-ranking Academic

organization that continuously seeks to

improve learning experience, will supply

its highly sought-after graduates with

state-of-the-art digital skills that Greek

enterprises business ecosystems seek

in their incoming labor force. We are

proud to further strengthen our

long-standing partnership with AUEB

and we look forward to welcoming the

first class of expert SAS Statisticians and

Data Scientists this fall.


Prof. Ioannis Ntzoufras
Head of the Department of Statistics at AUEB

It is great pleasure for us to validate our colaboration with SAS with this specilization program which works perferclty as a complement to main curricullum of our M.Sc. in Statistics program. 

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Prof. Dimitris Karlis
Director of the M.Sc. in Statistics
Department of Statistics, AUEB

"The SAS specialization program will provide students with another valuable tool for developing their career and it will give them the opportunity to experience a fresh approach to data analysis with an alternative popular analytics software."


of the
department of statistics

Passionate Education and Research about Statistical Methodology, Data Analytics and Stochastics


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