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Joint Ph.D. in Forensic Sciences and Statistics
Cotutelle de thèse Statistics and Forensic Science

AUEB - University of Lausanne

Department of Statistics, AUEB

School of Criminal Justice, University of Lausanne

Wavy Abstract Background


Current Thesis Realization

Repartition of working stays


Registration Fees

Thesis Colloquium, Defense and Committee of Examiners (Jury)


Exchange of Information

EMOS Program overview

Εstablish a procedure for a joint supervision of doctoral studies between the two partner institutions.

Forensic Inference and Statistics around Dynamic Signatures Data

With respect to admission to the doctoral studies, enrolment, lessons, exams, as well as preparation of the Thesis and doctoral title acquisition, the conditions of both universities must be fulfilled.




The work stays in each of the two universities are jointly determined by the supervisors of the Thesis and the doctoral candidate, while equitable distribution between the two partner institutions is considered.



The doctoral candidate must be enrolled at both universities.




The registration fee is paid to the University of Lausanne which is responsible for the administration of the procedure. The doctoral candidate does not pay any semester registration or tuition fees at the Athens University of Economics and Business.


A public defense of the Thesis (Colloquium) is organized at the Athens University of Economics and Business.

The public presentation of the Thesis is held at the University of Lausanne. 

Thesis: English


Summary: French and Greek (defended during the Colloquium)

Defense: English



The two institutions exchange all kinds of documents and information, which are considered to be useful, for the settlement of the agreement for the implementation of the "Cotutelle de thèse".



Both universities award each a doctoral diploma for the same thesis and the degree of doctor (doctoral degree, prepared in the framework of a "cotutelle de thèse", between the Athens University of Economics and Business and the University of Lausanne).


Title of the diploma of the Athens University of Economics and Business:
Ph.D. in Statistics (Διδακτορικό Δίπλωμα στη Στατιστική)


Title of the diploma of the University of Lausanne :
Ph.D in Forensic Science (Title in French: Doctorat ès Sciences en Science Forensique)

Awarding of the Doctoral Diploma


Professor Franco Taroni
Professor in Forensic Sciences
University of Lausanne

Today, interpretation and data evaluation are still a neglected area in forensic science. This neglect continues to exist despite paper and book underlined the need to adopt a probabilistic line of reasoning when dealing with scientific evidence in front of a Court of Justice.  This neglect is now acknowledged, for instance, by some institutional reports, and our collaboration is a positive sign that things are changing in practice.


Prof. Ioannis Ntzoufras
Head of the Department of Statistics at AUEB

It is very exciting to collaborate with Professor Taroni and Professor Bozza in this exciting research project. I am sure that joining our academic forces will result in new fascinating methods in forensic sciences. 


Prof. Silvia Bozza
Associate Professor in Statistics
University of Lausanne & University of Venice

Forensic statistics represents a

multisciplinary field, where forensic

science and statistics play a

fundamental role to promote a proper

evaluation of the evidence and assist

the actors of the judicial system. 


of the
department of statistics

Passionate Education and Research about Statistical Methodology, Data Analytics and Stochastics


university of lausanne

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Cooperation agreement-
joint supervision of  doctoral studies

Press Release

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