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Double M.Sc. Degree in Statistics & Financial Analytics 

2 Years - 2 Degrees 

M.Sc. in Statistics from AUEB

M.Sc. in Financial Analytics from Stevens Institute of Technology

Wavy Abstract Background

A new integrated postgraduate program 

2 years, 2 M.Sc. degrees
one joint thesis


The Department of Statistics of AUEB announces a new Double Degree M.Sc. Program with Stevens Institute of Technology, one of the most innovative universities in the USA.

This bilateral agreement allows the students who participate to obtain, at the end of the studies’ period, two postgraduate M.Sc. degrees: one from AUEB in Statistics and one from Stevens Institute of Technology in Financial Analytics.

Αll students that follow the M.Sc. in Statistics in AUEB
are eligible to apply for the Double Degree. Nevertheless, the positions are limited to 5 students per year. The interested students should apply at the beginning of the course. 

For AUEB Students of M.Sc. in Statistics, a discount of about 10000$ will be implemented from the tuition fees of Stevens.  

Funding may be provided via the ERASMUS+ program. 

Program overview

Prof. Vasilios Papadakis
AUEB Vice Rector of International Relations 

Τhis agreement is the starting point for a new era where AUEB’s strategic goal is to strengthen its international presence and recognition, and the fundamental internationalization of study programs through strategic partnerships with internationally renowned Universities from abroad


Prof. Ioannis Ntzoufras
Head of the Department of Statistics at AUEB

Innovation at its highest Levels. AUEB-Stats and Stevens collaborate in making the financial data scientists of the 21st century.

gregory-prastacos_stevens_ah_16_48838447113_o_0 (1).jpeg

Prof. Gregory Prastacos
Dean of School of Business
Stevens Institute of Technology

This will be a great dual degree program

and  I strongly believe that this is the

beginning of a great collaboration that, 

I am sure, will be very successful.


See the full Double Degree Agreement here

VIDEO PRESENTATION OF THE M.Sc. in Financial Analytics

See here the video of the  M.Sc. in Financial Analytics of Stevens School of Business

Press announcemeNt ΔΕΛΤΙΟ ΤΥΠΟΥ

Press realease for the media 

for AUEB students

Find the detailed syllabus of the DD program for students starting at AUEB


Find the detailed syllabus of the DD program for students starting at Stevens Institute of Technology

Study Program

Are you ready to enhance your studies? 

Enter a new world of Studies

Apply NOW! 


Apply now for the DD M.Sc. in Statistics and Financial Analytics of AUEB and Stevens Institute of Technology for academic year 2023-24 (until 31-5-2023)

Apply Now!

presentation of stevens at aueb


presentation of aueb at stevens


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